Doolittle Raiders B-25 Launch Footage 1942 Silent Film Stock

doolittlereunion / September 9, 2015


doolittlereunion /

The Final Toast of the Doolittle Raiders 
took place on November 2th 2012
at the National Museum.

There is a private Family Reunion planned for April 2012 in Springs.

If you are a Raider Family Member, please contact me for details.

The following information pertains to the past 
69th Doolittle Reunion

April 2011 in Omaha

A great big T H A N K – Y O U  to everyone who attended the 69th reunion in April 2011!
A huge Thank-You to all the fans at Memorial Stadium who greeted the Raiders
with a warm Roaring Standing Ovation!
The boys were thoroughly impressed and grateful!

We still have merchandise available on the website for those of you who were not able to attend!


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